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  • Social Media Usage of the Inc 500

    Blogging is on the decline at INC 500, but Facebook and Twitter use is on the rise; does this mean that blogging won’t matter? Or is it just not the right method for the INC 500?



    Corporate blogging is on the decline. Facebook and Twitter on the increase.

  • Tumblr is getting serious. 15 billion pageviews a month, 120million users serious.

    Tumblr now serving 120m people, 15 billion pageviews a month, from TNW (via fastcompany)

    (via fastcompany)

  • "When asked about revenue, Karp noted that whilst the company could immediately run Google Ads on its pages, the team is looking to experiment with ways to boost revenue, especially now the service is more than 5 years old. He says that over the next couple of years, the company will experiment with novel approaches to revenue, coming up with a revenue stream that is “really beneficial to the community”."
  • "In a recent jobs posting, Tumblr advertised for in-house editorial staff who would be responsible for both creating original content and promoting interesting blog posts created by the service’s massive user base. The advertisement, which called for staff to help “tell the stories of the millions of creative Tumblr users to the world,” was later taken offline. Tumblr’s Mark Coatney tells Fast Company that while “80 to 90% of Tumblr’s new hires will be developers,” paid editors would be used to help cherrypick interesting content and develop original stories."