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  • This is insanity. Taco Bell is introducing a Doritos taco shell. Pure insanity. 


    Doritos Meets Taco Bell: Does a Doritos taco shell sound like enticing you?

     “Think Outside the Bun” no more: The world’s most popular fake-Mexican restaurant, feeling a little nervous after a decade in decline, a number of sanitation crises, rumors that their meat is fake, and the rise of Chipotle, is planning a ton of major changes to its brand, starting with a new slogan, ”Live Más” (a.k.a. “Live More” for non-Spanish speakers). It’s also trying out a Chipotle-styled model on a regional basis, with the possibility of going national next year. They’ve also been working on a breakfast menu. But the thing that they think is going to push them over the edge? A taco with a Doritos shell. Seriously. The company claims to be taking some cues from McDonald’s, which is on an upswing. Are you willing to give them a second chance? (photo by Robert Hanashiro/USA Today)

  • Blackberry has officially lost its collective mind.

    "The Bold Team" via Gizmodo

    Meet “The Bold Team,” Blackberry’s attempt to claw back customers with animated characters that are perhaps the cheesiest and strangest thing I have ever seen. In Gizmodo’s article, they offer up the descriptions of each characters: 

    GoGo Girl, The Achiever: “Saving the day with a brilliant strategy”
    Justin Steele, The Advocate: “Always ready to stick up for his friends”
    Trudy Foreal, The Authentic: “Not afraid to call it as she sees it”.
    Max Stone, The Adventurer: “Able to jump out of a plane…”

    Oh boy.