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  • Porsche’s 2012 911 Carrera S, same basic shape hasn’t changed, but the subtle changes are effective. I melt. 

    Check out Wired’s review: Reinventing the Rear-Engined Wheel

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  • "In a recent jobs posting, Tumblr advertised for in-house editorial staff who would be responsible for both creating original content and promoting interesting blog posts created by the service’s massive user base. The advertisement, which called for staff to help “tell the stories of the millions of creative Tumblr users to the world,” was later taken offline. Tumblr’s Mark Coatney tells Fast Company that while “80 to 90% of Tumblr’s new hires will be developers,” paid editors would be used to help cherrypick interesting content and develop original stories."
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  • Going analog in 2012

    No, I am not abandoning my digital life (I think I would end up shaking, sweating and muttering to myself in a corner if I did). When I say ‘going analog” I am talking about social networks. This week I read an article from MIT, explaining that much of Twitter’s success is due to the power of real life social networks and that got me thinking about how many people on twitter have i actually met in person? 

    So here it goes, my 2012 mission: make my digital life merge with my analog life. My digital and real life social networks are completely different and why should that be? That’s like the more adult version of “oh, we’re Facebook friends” and I refuse to go down that route. So interwebs, let’s meet in real life (except the creeps out there reading this, I am fine not meeting you). 

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  • It’s resolution time. Here we go…

    Usually I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. It is just 1 more thing that I want to do and then get distracted (that happens pretty easily). I cannot remember the last time that I made a resolution; I think it was in the 9th grade and resolved to get a boyfriend in the coming year (oh, the awkward teen years). So when I decided to make a resolution this year, I decided that it better be a good one. This is what I landed on: 

    Holstee Manifesto

    Yup. The Holstee Manifesto. Plenty people know it, some have the poster, some have the image as their background. Brainpickings has it in the left-hand navigation bar all the time; so, it has to be popular for a reason. Well, read it; it just makes you want to change the way you think about your life. So, not a bad place to start for a New Year’s Resolution, a lofty one, but still. 

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