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  • Nerd meets the Jocks: Zuckerberg meets the Harlem Globetrotters.


    Harlem Globetrotters Meet Mark Zuckerber

    Yesterday, the Harlem Globetrotters trotted over to Palo Alto, where they paid a visit to Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook headquarters. Globetrotters Curly Neal and Hot Shot Branch regaled Zuckerberg with a Globetrotters jersey featuring his name and the number 4.

    Why 4? It’s not that it’s Zuckerberg’s favorite number. Rather, it commemorates a Globetrotters basketball innovation—the first four-point shot. In December, the Globetrotters announced this important innovation to the world in a press release. “The Globetrotters have been at the forefront of basketball’s evolution throughout the sport’s history,” the Globetrotters’ CEO Kurt Schneider (who, we’re guessing, may not be from Harlem) said in a press release. “From the alley-oop to the slam dunk to the behind-the-back pass, the Globetrotters have long brought innovations to basketball that are now staples of the game, and we’re confident the 4-point shot will change the game of basketball going forward.”

    On the Globetrotters’ current tour, there’s a four-point spot at each end of the court, which becomes active in the last three minutes of every quarter. The Globetrotters will be hitting up 220 cities in the States and Canada between now and April 17, if you want to check out this innovation live.

    (Source: fastcompany)

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