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    "If you’re an interaction designer, it’s likely that wireframing takes up a good portion of your day. Having tools that you enjoy using and help you get the job done are essential. Talking to colleagues at various IxDA events and at a recent Agile UX meetup, we know that many people in the industry have adopted UX specific tools for wireframing. At Moment, we are fans of Adobe Illustrator for both wireframing AND visual design. We have tried tools like Axure, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq and Visio over the years, but we always come back to Illustrator. 

    So why do we use Illustrator?

    Among the many reasons we’re loyal to Illustrator, the most important reasons are about how it functions as a tool: it brings an idea to life without leading the design, it encourages digital sketching, and it makes designing for a multi-platform world much simpler and more efficient.” 

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